India's first completely made in India Robot. +

Brain Sensing Devices and Robot


Bionic arm

India's first and world's cheapest production Bionic arm. +

Football Playing Robot


Fully Autonomous Drones


Muscle Activity sensor


3D printed parts



India's first tallest Robot. +



Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment Lab


Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory

Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) is an Indian defence laboratory under DRDO. It is one of the major DRDO labs in the field of armament studies. +

Missile Exhibition

Exhibition of different missiles from BRAMHOS, DRDO. +

Semiconductor Lab

Exhibition of different semiconductor products of Department of Space, Government of India. +

Telescope Exhibition

Telescope exhibition by Space Development Nexus - SDNx. +

Rocket Exhibition

Launching of 500m Rocket at NIT Kurukshetra in collaboration with Space Development Nexus - SDNx. +

Space Rover


i3 India

Demonstration of Ethical Hacking, Android, Robotics, 3D animation. +

Research Centre Imarat (RCI), DRDO