Gusto talks

Sourabh Kaushal

Founder and Director at Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

at Senate Hall

20 January  12 PM onwards

Engineer,Space explorer and INK Fellow in association with TED, presently doing research on Space Debris Mitigation and Transportation with internationally recongnised research papers,young achiever of some prestigous awards including Jerome Pearson award,2010 and kaplana chawla young scientist award, 2013.

Anurag Kundu

Reseacher at AAP

at Senate Hall

20 January  4 PM onwards

Socialist teaching under resourced schools at Teach For India, provides research input to media cell on matter realted to policies , english proficient and former columnist for Indian Economist, takes interest in governance, education and debating, alumni to NIT kurukshetra.

Vivek Prakash

Co-Founder Hackerearth

at Senate Hall

21 January  1:30 PM onwards

Hard core programmer and IIT Roorkee graduate,loves building developer friendly tools, passionate about improving programming experience, launched a tool for compiling and running codes online, also the co-founder of My Career Stack.

Tanmay Bakshi

Keynote speaker at TEDx and Developer

at Senate Hall

21 January  12 PM onwards

13 years old software developer with specialisation in iOS, IBM Champion, Honorary IBM Cloud advisor, author of "Hello Swift" about iOS programming for kids, passionate about learning and sharing knowledge , runs his own youtube channel for the same.

Nikhil Taneja

Creative producer at Yash Raj Films

at Senate Hall

22 January  12 PM onwards

A writer-producer of six TV films and a sitcom, famous for his witty one liner "Taneja Main Hoon, Mark Idhar hai",alumni to NIT Kurukshetra, teaches Journalism at Jai Hind college, loves watching movies and trying writing for the same.


Engineering Manager at GE Aviation

at Senate Hall

21 January  3:30 PM onwards

An IIT, Madras alumnus currently a Team Manager/ Engineering Manager at GE Aviation holds 4 patents to his name, Anti-Ice System Design with Multi-Slot Support, Vane Heating mechanism to name a few. This jet engine expert is a known person in the dream field of Aviation & Aerospace and is going to talk about his interest and other wonders of aerospace world.